D'Erica Residence Building

In Harmony and Balance

Immerse in the healing, restorative power of the natural world. D’Erica Residences is the response to life in a fast-paced, hectic world. A haven enveloped in abundant, overflowing flora to refresh and delight your mind, body and soul.

Urban Living Amidst Nature

Set against the backdrop of lush jungles, D’Erica Residences is a sanctuary at the intersection of contemporary living and stunning wilderness. The beauty of the hills beyond the development birthed the idea of a space where nature is the designer and verdant greenery flows from the surroundings into the living room.

The contemporary urban forest concept is a feast for the senses and a respite for the soul. Geometrical forms and patterns, colors and building materials merge with carefully selected plants and planting schemes to simulate a walk through the greens. The tranquility of the hills that envelopes the land becomes a daily reality created just for you.

D'Erica Residences Building

Creating A Haven

Hammock Gazebo@ D'Erica Residences
  • 2 Towers of Serviced Apartment 45 Storeys (Tower A) & 48 Storeys (Tower B) comprising:

    • 2 Levels of Basement Car Park (Basement 1 to Basement 2)
    • 4 Levels of Lower Ground Car Park (LG1 to LG4)
    • 7 Levels of Podium Car Park (GF to Level 6)
    • 1 Level of Podium Facilities (Level 7)
    • 1 Level of Sky Facilities: Level 45 (Tower A) & Roof Level (Tower B)
    • 42 Levels (Tower A) & 45 Levels (Tower B) of Serviced Apartment:
    • Level 3 to 43A (Tower A) & Level 3 to 47 (Tower B)
  • Property Developer: Mightyprop Sdn. Bhd. (1299882-V) (a member of EXSIM Group)
  • Land Tenure: Leasehold
  • Land Area: 3.15 acres
  • Land Usage: Commercial (HDA)
  • Total Unit: 1,143 Units

    • Tower A: 528 Units
    • Tower B: 615 Units
  • Total Car Park: 2,696 Lots (Inclusive of OKU)
  • Units per Floor: Approximately:

    • Tower A: 14
    • Tower B: 15
  • No. of Lift: 5 Passenger Lifts + 1 Service Lift
  • Building Height:

    • Tower A: 45 Storeys
    • Tower B: 48 Storeys
  • Expected Completion: 2024 (48 months)
Facilities D'Erica Central Park Damansara

Facilities Plan

Our concept of Zen Garden is most evident as you wander through the grounds. Lush landscaping create a sense of escape into the cooling, soothing comforts of the jungle. Blending seamlessly into this backdrop is a range of well-planned facilities in line with the conveniences of modern living. It is the best of both worlds at one address.

Artist Impression

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